Bill Abstein is part of the T206 baseball cards his  alias  "Big Bill" was born on February 2, 1883 in St. Louis, Missouri.  Bill AbsteinBill Abstein had a brief major league career with stints with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1906 and 1909. Also, in 1910 he played for the St. Louis Browns. His baseball career was nothing more than a blimp compared to most that played during this time.  Abstein played first base and was known by media a bonehead when it came to playing the game of baseball.  His baseball stats during his period with the Pirates was the weakest on the time offensively.  Bill was better known as an outstanding soccer player during his time. His career batting average in the Majors was .242. Bill Abstein died April 8, 1940 at the age of 57 in St. Louis, Missouri where he was born.

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