1909 to 1911 T206 Baseball Card Set

The T206 baseball card collection is considered one of the top sets and most sought after collection for any avid baseball card collector. The T206 collection consists of 524 baseball cards with each player making their impact on the history of the game and on the card collecting world.

In fact, the T206 Honus Wagner card sold for $2.8 million dollars and was graded by Professional Sports Authenticators (PSA) as a NM-MT 8. Even the PSA 1 Honus Wagner cards are considered valuable due to their low existence in today's card collecting world.

This set came about during a time that "baseball" was considered our national past-time. The players during this time didn't play for the money, most played for their love of the game. The T206 collection consisted of 38 Hall of Famers and 353 other baseball players who helped shaped the game for future generations.

Baseball players in these days didn't focus on just one position. Most played all positions and excelled at all. These players were the true pioneers of the game. From Ty Cobb to Honus Wagner each player has left a legacy that many baseball collectors dream to own a card from this set.

Most of the cards from T206 range in value from $100-$1,000,000 depending on the player and condition of the card. However, there are some rarities and oddities of the T206 set including the Sherry Magee card that included the word "Magie". This error was fixed but not before a few slipped out to consumers. Finding one with the Magie on it is rare and very valuable.

This collection also featured many poses and variations from different players thus making some cards more valuable than others. The cards were produced by the American Tobacco Company that included different brands of tobacco on the back of the cards. The most common were Piedmont and Sweet Caporal cigarettes. The not so common brands of tobacco on the back of cards are Tolstoi, Drum, Uzit, Lenox, American Beauty, El Principle de Gales, Hindu, Carolina Brights, Sovereign, Polar Bear, Old Mill and Broadleaf.

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T206 Honus Wagner